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Whether you feel like you are a beginner who is just entering the fitness industry or a veteran in fitness, we take individual care to nurture your goals and adopt a realistic approach. Refer to our service section to know more about how we can help you.

How We Work

We at SG Fitness believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income or access to a gym. With hundreds of professional body transformation programs, different workouts, Nutritional diet plans, and informative health articles. Refer our How it works section to know more.


SG fitness is a unique personal training service no other personal training service provides the level of knowledge, quality of service and commitment to results that the SG FITNESS offers.

The SG FITNESS is a way of training that maximises your body to response naturally to exercise. It’s a way of training that enables your body to liberate stored fats and flourish. It is unique to everyone but once discovered, enables you to control over your body.

SG FITNESS is here for the personal training and nutrition coaching that bugs you the joyful movement and food freedom you need to thrive.


Welcome to the world of intense fitness training.


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Expert trainers have compiled a fitness secret to achieve the fit you desire for.

Get out of your
Comfort Zone

You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone,
change begins at the end of your comfort zone.


Learn and implement nutritional strategies that will transform your physique without feeling starved.


Learn and implement vital lifestyle habits to start feeling amazing in and out


Tailored, Structured and progressive exercise programs to deliver your requirement and goals..


The combination of specialist personal training, nutritional assessments and programming makes this service UNIQUE. Everything, including where we train, is built around you.

We will help you look & feel in the best shape of your life.

Who is it suitable for? We train clients of all ages, of all fitness levels, and we can always find a package that works for you.

We help some clients completely transform their body, whilst others are focused on rehabilitation after an injury. Lots of our clients are focused on losing weight, whether that be several stone or just a few pounds for a wedding or the summer, whereas others simply want to keep fit and healthy. Everyone has different goals and ambitions. Our company is set up to tailor to the individual and get the best out of everyone. Don’t be apprehensive about getting in touch. All we ask is you have a burning desire to change and improve!


  • I joined SUDEEP’S personalized training SG fitness in NOV 2017 to work on my fitness levels. Have always grappled with a few kilos of excess weight. But could not do strenuous exercises/cardio due to a week knee. SUDEEP has helped me regain my fitness and strength with his systematic and scientific training techniques. His strength lies in his flexibility, patience and depth knowledge about exercise science. Specially mentioning for taking online classes during COVID-19 lockdown helped me to maintain my body by motivation and positive mindset. Thanks to SUDEEP and SG FITNESS.

    (working professional)
  • I have been SUDEEP’S trainee for almost 2 years now and I am extremely happy with the fitness and strength I have gained in this time. He has been able to tailor the training for my specific needs for strengthening of my back with his amazing back rehabilitation technique by using his experience and qualification as a back re-habilitation expert. Many thanks to SUDEEP and SG FITNESS.

    (Airforce pilot)
  • SUDEEP is an excellent trainer. He is motivating and knows the goals of his trainees and helps them reach those goals. He has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of nutrition, health and fitness and shares that knowledge regularly with his clients. He is incredibly passionate about fitness and nutrition and shares that passion through his inspired workouts that are always changing. No two workouts are the same and SUDEEP is always coming up with different ways to challenge his clients. His workouts include all areas of fitness including flexibility, strength training, plyometrics, isometric exercises, and cardiovascular training. He also challenges our aerobic and anaerobic capacity during his workouts. He expects his clients to show commitment and dedication to their goals, as he puts his heart and soul into his career. If you’re ready to challenge your body and your mental fitness as well, SUDEEPS workouts are best for you. Many more luck and good wishes to SUDEEP and SG FITNESS thanks for keeping us motivated and fit.

    (International Male Model)
  • Joining SUDEEP’S fitness classes SG FITNESS was the best decision I have made. It all started with fitness analysis and then a customized workout plan was made for me. SUDEEP focuses on fitness rather than just losing a few kilos here and there. He is patient, dedicated and makes one feel at ease. I truly enjoy his classes

    Abhilasha Pandit
    (Working Proffessional)
  • After a difficult work day, it can sometimes be hard to motivate ourselves to workout. However, SUDEEP brings his energy and motivating words, and pushes us to achieve our goals. He is great at modifying his workouts to meet the needs of all fitness levels, thus ensuring that ALL can participate no matter what your prior experience with fitness is. He also has an aptitude for modifying workouts for individuals based on prior or current injuries. Thanks to SUDEEP and SG FITNESS the best you can ever want into the fitness world.

    International male model (Milano)