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My personal training services are the result of my ten years of experience working at the highest level as a personal trainer, learning not just how to create amazing physical transformations, but also help create sustainable health habits. These important habits allow those on my training programs not only to achieve their ideal body but to also foster a healthy energy and vitality that makes any task in life easier to accomplish.


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My experiences

My Fitness Journey

I’d like to share a little about my journey in fitness, the experience gained, lessons learned and ultimately how I can apply my experience to help you to attain a level of health and fitness that up until now may always have felt out of reach. My career has seen me coach everyone from Paralympic athletes, military service personnel, models and of course thousands of men and women from every background from multiple countries. I’ve worked as an elite personal trainer. I’ve also travelled and studied the fitness industry in the Far-East, Europe and Asia. From operating gyms, running boot camps, directing the fitness regime for sports personals, and coaching personal trainers across the globe, there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done in the industry. But my journey to this point wasn’t straight-forward nor without its challenges.

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My Inspirations and Influence

Looking back, my relationship with exercise started in my childhood years, growing up on a steady diet of physique laden action films like the rocky , the karate kid and, well …any Schwarzenegger movie. I had some very early influences for getting into health and fitness. I would spend hours each day doing push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups over and over again in my bedroom, after a few months of unrelenting work my efforts were finally starting to pay off. Before long I was showing family and friends how strong i’d become, one day though, I must have rubbed a close family member up the wrong way with my incessant displays of exercise technique as he sat me down and told me that despite how hard I trained “I just didn’t have the kind of body that could ever become muscular”. As you can imagine, this was soul crushing news to me at such a young age, and as he knew a lot more about WWF wrestling than me at the time I reasoned that he knew what he was talking about. Some years went by and despite the knock back I kept training, I saw some improvements and gained some considerable muscle size, I was never lean though, and this was never far from my mind. Over the course of my degree , I realised that more and more people were coming to me to help them get started out in fitness, without even realising it, I’d found my ideal career I just needed an official qualification and I could really go out into the world and get started. I decided to learn and start my career into the fitness industry and over the time I was officially ready to take the responsibility to transform others and to help them achieve their dream body. In my early years as a personal trainer I was getting pretty decent results with my clients, helping people get more active, and confront some of the beliefs holding them back. It wasn’t all positive though, in my own training I often found it hard to make progress. Sometimes I’d try one routine and end up muscular and big but really fat, then I would try to lean up and I would end up back where I started by crash dieting and running off all my hard earned muscle with unnecessary cardio sessions.

Throughout my adolescence and young adult life the damming words of that family member never truly went away, I knew that for a trainer I wasn’t in the kind of shape I ought to be and didn’t want to confront the idea that I just didn’t have the kind of body that could achieve the lean muscular physique I had been seeking since childhood.

In 2013 things had reached a boiling point, I set myself a challenge that if by the end of year I couldn’t get below 10% body fat I would leave the fitness industry forever, and I meant it! It was the only way I could feel authentic. Over the course of the year I trialled and adopted many cutting edge training regimes, nutritional guidelines and ways to force my body into change. This process is beginning to have more mainstream adoption and has now been given the appropriate name of ‘biohacking’

By the end of the year, for the first time in my life I was ‘that guy’ I had always seen in fitness magazines. I’d achieved a change that I knew in theory was possible, but never really had the absolute belief that I could do it myself. For me this was a very empowering and ultimately life changing moment.

This lit a fire inside me, I felt like the fitness industry’s best kept secret and my express goal was explaining my techniques to as many people as I could get to listen. From that point, I built my reputation as a personal trainer on rapid body transformations, taking those that had barely exercised to cover model shape in a few short months. As my career developed I began getting more and more opportunities coming my way, and many times I had the chance to work with people who had achieved incredible worldly success. Whilst this was a great experience, I noticed that no matter where people were in life, the majority were making huge sacrifices with their health in the pursuit of a better body or their personal ambition.

The reality of this really hit home for me when despite being in good physical shape I was taken down with 6 months of repeated illness by way of a recurring fever and stomach infection that took four rounds of antibiotics to cure, in other words a nuclear bomb to my digestion, which lead to almost a year of further problems, I literally couldn’t digest a meal for nearly a year without issues.

Looking back i was able to connect the dots as to what went wrong. I had made work my priority time and time again, never resting, always pursuing achievement over recovery and allowing the stressors in my every day and personal life to go unchecked. Eventually stress and inflammation had built up to the point of inviting illness into my body like an open barn door.

Once again forced to question everything I knew, I went back and studied the very fundamentals of maintaining true health, I had mastered the aesthetic side of fitness, but at the cost of everything else. Over time I Learn to listen to the language of my body was my second big revelation in fitness.

Enriched once again with a new approach to my work I went out to try to help as many people as possible. As my message changed I began to work with an even more diverse spectrum of clients, and was able not just to develop a great physique, but also to help to avoid, offset and reverse health ailments, reduce dependence on medication and create a balance between body and mind. It struck me that there was no scenario in which sacrificing one’s health was justified or even productive, no matter how aesthetically pleasing a physique or how much personal success had been achieved, vibrant health must always remain a priority, because once neglected to the point of no return, no amount of worldly success can bring it back.

I’ve seen the same behaviour patterns all over the world, the same desire for fulfilment, self esteem and achievement, and similar costs to bear for them, often the price is too much, our health. Closer to home I’ve seen members of my own family and friends lose their lives to a lack of knowledge of what to eat to maintain health and due to not being able to take care of the fundamentals of health. I can only imagine how many more people are out there today on a similar and avoidable trajectory.

My ambition is to bring as much help as I can to people looking to enhance their health, refine their physique and fuel their ambition. Knowledge of health I believe is a basic human right and my mission is to provide that life changing knowledge to as many individuals, homes and workplaces as I can across the world.

For those who want to optimise their fitness, whilst achieving their life goals all without paying the cost of their health, that is where my bespoke personal training programs and online fitness plans offers an ever evolving solution. I’m excited to join you as we work together toward a long healthy and successful life.

Yours in health,



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